Program Improvment Plans (PIP)

Program Improvement Plans (PIP) - Some organizations have to have a yearly audit or state inspection with stakeholders to continue their compliance. We will guide and coach organizations based on their state regulations and requirements. We provide support and training to leaders, and program supervisors to address PIP concerns. We may review program and organization’s structure to assess and analyze areas of improvement. We will provide written resources and guidance to staff base off the PIP. 

Key areas of focus:

Trauma Informed Care (TIC) Model & Implementation

Trauma Informed Care Model & Implementation(TIC) - We believe in emerging TIC from therapeutic approach to an organizational practice. We define trauma informed care by acknowledging the needs of others and assume that everyone comes with their own experiences and triggers. Trauma is a spectrum and all individuals experiences are different and unique per individual. We realize that no matter if you’re at home, or in the workplace that trauma is prevalent. Trauma impacts all individuals, and it impacts the way you interact, and work with others.  We want to teach organizational leaders, how to identify signs, symptoms of trauma. We want to help implement TIC into policies, and practices to enhance employee satisfaction. 

Public Speaking & Engagement

Public Speaking Engagements - Our team has an array of professional experiences and will do speaking events topics based on the event’s needs.

Organization Wellness Program 

Organization Wellness Program - Our workshop wellness program allows employees to focus on themselves. This will all space to facilitate team building events, organize lunch and learns, adult-field days etc. We will focus on the dimensions of health listed below:

Mental Health Retreats 

Mental Health Retreat Program - We help organizations with the planning and hosting of MH Retreats for their staff. This program will conclude planning, actvities, clinical specialists, and a way for staff to build togetherness. We will use all of the components of TIC as a theme for the retreat and focus on team building. 

Professional Development Program & Trainings 

Professional Development - We provide professional development trainings that are tailor made and aligned with the program values and vision. We will take the time to listen to the needs of the organization and nurture the goal and cultivate the workspace. We strive to customize our trainings for health care organizations, financial institutions, for- profits & nonprofits. We believe all work institutions can benefit from cultivating new change agents. Some of the trainings that we can include in your work environment are listed below:

Executive Leadership Coaching (30 Day Plan)

CND provides a 30 day program for leadership staff who may need assitance in guiding their staff. We will focus on creating a space for trust and support. We will help add to leadership styles and provide systems and ethodology to assess and enhance skills. The 30 day plan does not have to be a consecutive 30 days but the consumer has an option to spread the time throughout the year. 

Mental Health Education & Workshops

CND provides mental health workshops and education classes to organizations, private institutions, and communities. We use these workshops as an opportunity to increase awareness and education. Although CND does not provide counseling services, we still simply hold a space to have engaging discussion to talk about mental health sterotypes, resources , and prevention. Feel free to fill out the google form in our "Contact" section so you can describe what the need is.