C. Neptune Darby Consulting Services Inc.

The Value of CND Consulting Services Inc.


C. Neptune Darby Consulting Services Inc.

At CND, we are passionate about workplace wellness and wellbeing. We empower organizational leadership to connect with their employees and cultivate emotional safety and change. Our purpose is to help guide in the acknowledgment of negative work spaces , and cultures that contribute to organizational productivity and overall performance. The application of Trauma-Informed Care will allow your organization to implement best practices the align with policies and operational norms.

We invite you to collaborate with us to learn how to recognize signs and symptoms of stress and trauma as well as potential hazards that threathen your organizational stability. We provide an array of program plans, workshops, and professional development trainings. Our goal is to develop plans that last a lifetime. We strive to meet your vision and nurture the growth that takes place.

Mission & Vision

“To connect a trauma informed care lens approach in the organizational workspace. So that we can lead with compassion, nurture the vision and develop and cultivate new ideas”.


We strive to encourage, connect and cultivate ideas for organizations to make things better.


We listen to understand with respect and care. Collaborate with our partners to promote growth and development.


We have advanced expertise to help towards the development of our partners. We are involved with the step by step improvement of programs change.